Otherton Airfield is operated by Otherton Airfield Limited  (OAL) which is owned by pilots and past pilots who are based at the field. The objective of OAL is to operate the airfield on a non profit basis for the benefit of users of the field. 
If you want to base your aircraft at Otherton, OAL have some hangar availability and planning to build more hangars is available. If you want details please contact Otherton Airfield Limited by emailing Peter Davis at
Note no rotary aircraft allowed except for police and air ambulance due to noise restrictions
Urgent Airfield News
As of the 29 December 2019 the airfield is open. Due to very damp conditions please limit back tracking and use of the eastern taxiway until further notice. The situation will be reviewed on a regular basis. 
No vehicles to be driven on the grass from 1 October 2019
Fees for 2019/20 will be sent out in March. Newsletter to replace the annual OAL update at the Haling Dene
If you are the last one to leave the field please ensure that the inner gate is locked. If all the fishermen have gone then lock the outside gate. If you intend to be late at the field ensure you get a key from AOL.
Standing orders and rules of the airfield can be accessed here.

This is the site of Staffordshire Aero Club and Otherton Airfield Ltd located at

Otherton Airfield, Micklewood Lane, Penkridge, Staffs ST19 5NX